Jude Johnson has been a history enthusiast since childhood and has spoken about her historical research at numerous historical societies as well as BBC Radio Wales. She loves the smell of old parchment and has been known to become lost for hours among the maps and old photographs in numerous historical societies.


Besides, storytelling beats the hell out of doing housework.

She is a member of Gecko Gals Ink, LLC, a group of “sassy Tucson authors” who encourage other writers to become published by holding writing seminars and classes.

While she has no Welsh heritage in her lineage, Jude has studied Cymraeg—the Welsh Language—and learned just enough to be dangerous in Cardiff pubs. She also speaks bad border Spanish that gets better with Negra Modelo.

She lives in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains with her long-suffering husband and son who have resigned themselves to ingesting charred food while she’s in a writing frenzy. Which may explain how her cat, Fritzgerald the Bastard Cat of Tombstone, has become rather deranged as well...